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5 Reasons to Unfriend Your Mother on Facebook.

We’re all faced with difficult decisions in life and wonder if we’re making the right choices or not. For instance…

Is this the right job for me?
Is now the right time to sell my house?
Do I see kids in my future?
Should I accept my Mother’s Facebook friend request?

These are all questions that need to be thought through before you just fly off the handle and quit your job, get knocked up or click confirm on that request from your mom.

So let’s try and tackle this last one as I was recently faced with the dilemma of whether my mom and I should take that step and become official “friends” on Facebook. Should I or shouldn’t I? That was the question.

And here we had my mom’s argument for it:

Alright Ma, let’s give it a try. You are now officially a “friend”. It would become clear, rather quickly I might add, that this probably wasn’t the best idea.

Here we go…5 reasons to unfriend (or not become friends in the first place) with your mother on the book…

1. The random comment on your post reminding you that she is your mother and you are her child, no matter what age you are.

Seriously mom, I’m an adult, it’s okay if I swear. And please, I want to hear nothing about you and dad in the bedroom.

2. The phone call to ask what your latest post means which inevitably leads to an in depth conversation about the choices you make in life.

Me – “I’m drunk though!” hahaha.

Mom – “Oh honey, I really wish you wouldn’t drink so much. People are going to think you’re an alcoholic. Did you really need to post that picture of the shots you and your friends were taking? Did you know that alcoholism runs in our family? Remember my Aunt Tina’s third cousin Bob you met that one time at a family reunion? Yeah, well his daughter Barb, she’s an alcoholic.

Me – “……”

3. The old school photo from when you were 12 that your mother feels the need to upload and tag you in so all of your friends can see.

It’s called “jazz hands” people…

4. The awkward status update and comments to follow that your mother posts seemingly forgetting that it’s viewable to all…including her children.

Seriously ma, stop talking about sex! So awkward….

5. Your mother commenting on your status and not understanding the acronyms.

In the end my mother and I decided that it was in the best interests of both of us to end our Facebook relationship and go back to living our lives blissfully unaware of what the other is doing. Goodbye Mother.

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