The Adult Snow Day

As a kid, or even young adult, I took far too many things for granted that I have now come to miss greatly. For instance, as a student in school we were gifted with the occasional day off thanks to Mother Nature. You don’t realize this then but when you grown up and join the land of the working, your employer doesn’t actually give you the day off because a foot of snow is expected to fall and reek havoc on the day’s commute. You actually still have to work. I know right? I was a bit surprised too. Thankfully though, and I do consider myself fortunate to have this option, I’m allowed to work from home if need be…

…Thus providing me with the “Adult Snow Day”. What is this you ask? Well it means I’m still required to work, however, I can do it from the comforts of home!


1. Sleeping in later than usual since there’s no bumper to bumper traffic or insanely long lines at the local coffee shop drive-thru to deal with!


2.  No. Morning. Commute.

3.  Put “real” pants on? If I manage to make it to the shower I’m surprised. Pfft pants…

jlaw pants

4.  Don’t judge. I swear I work better with a few in me. Plus…why not?


5.  Catching up on chores around the house is always an added bonus.


6.  You can say whatever you want want without having to worry about offending anyone at the office.


7.  You can also do whatever you want without having to worry about offending anyone at the office.


8.  And finally, you can watch trash TV, I mean daytime talk shows, while kicking the mouse around every so often to keep your laptop from “falling asleep”.

With up to a foot of snow expected tomorrow, I’ll be partaking in the Adult Snow Day! And don’t forget to stock up on essentials in case you’re homebound for a day or two. You don’t want to be wishing you had hit the grocery store while you’re snowed in…trust me.

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