#TWERKin at the VMA’s

In case you missed it, the MTV Video Music Awards were held last night in Brooklyn, NY and of course it had its fair share of the good, bad and ugly. We all watch for different reasons but for me it’s about seeing the performances, the crazy outfits and who gets “Kanye’d” next. Oh and I heard N’Sync would be reuniting for the night soooo yeah I was pretty much sold on viewing it.

Listen boys….Hate the game, not the playa. Time to move on.

Anyways, N’Sync did perform on stage together….for about 37 seconds. If you blinked there’s a good chance you missed it, however Justin killed it with a 15 minute performance that showed just why he earned that Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. As amazing as JT was last night though, he still wasn’t the one to steal the show. That honor goes to none other than Miley Cyrus.


I really hope you all tuned in (or at least YouTube’d it today) for the first episode of Hannah Montana: The College Years.


Dad, look what I learned freshmen year in college!!! They told me Stripper 101 was full but I managed to sneak my way into that class! I’m so glad I did, look at this booty shake!

I’m just kidding around guys, I didn’t mean to say that….there is no Hannah Montana: The College Years series. I’m sorry if I got your hopes up.


So Miley’s performance certainly received some mixed reviews from those at home watching as well as those in the crowd. We were lucky enough to capture a few reactions.

The Smith Family:

My bad, that was their reaction to Justin’s performance. This is what they thought of Miley’s:

Rihanna & One Direction:

Liam Hemsworth (the fiance):

Apparently she’s “twerking” but we don’t know Liam, we just don’t know!

Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez:

Taylor: Oh thank god, the attention’s not on me for once! At least I don’t feel myself up (or in this case down) with a foam finger while millions of people watch.

Selena: I’m so proud of you T. By the way, did you see Harry tonight? He’s looking pretty good.

Lady Gaga:

Actually, I don’t think she really had any idea what was going on.

One of the contestant’s on Family Feud:


The Los Angeles Lakers:

Fat Amy:


Even Kitty from That 70’s Show didn’t know what to make of it:


E! Online chimed in as well:

Come on guys, I think we all know who the real victims are here. Yes, those poor teddy bears. They’ll never recover from something like this.

Alright, back to Liam:

It’s not a joke Liam! This really happened, it was a live show! Poor guy.

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