4th of July Vaca – Day 4

Saturday – July 6, 2013

*As always, names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Music…..To the windows, to the walls, to the sweat drip down my balls, all you bitches crawl….

WTF who is calling me at this ungodly hour?


Of course it would be Cassidy*.

Me – “What up byotch?”
Cass – “Let’s hit the beach!”
Me – “Do you realize what time it is?”

Cass – “Get your ass outta bed, I’m coming to pick you up. Just finishing up my run, be there in 20.”
Me – “Ugh”

Who the hell goes running this early on a Saturday morning? Sometimes I don’t understand people. Ugh I should not have drank all that I did yesterday. Seriously why does everything hurt? I feel like an 80 year old trying to roll out of bed.

8:15am – I’m really making an honest attempt to get ready for the beach but damn I’m moving pretty slow.


Alright, it might be time to admit to myself that going hard so many days in a row may be too much for me. I think I need to call Cassidy* back and let her know that I need to stay here at the camp and relax for the day and just hydrate with something non-alcoholic.


It’s beach time bitches.

8:52am – Cassidy* and I are on the way to her house to pick up her stuff and then we’re beach bound.

Cass – “Wanna get some breakfast and bloody’s??”
Me – ” Don’t threaten me with a good time.”

melissa mccarthy gifs

11:14am – Mmm had a couple mimosa’s, bloody’s and breakfast. We’re at the beach now and looking for a place to park. Should have figured it would be crazy busy as it’s a holiday weekend and all. There’s no spots in the area we normally would park so we head to the other side of the beach to post up there and just walk over to the actual beachy “sand” area.

Ya know, we really have the best intentions but unfortunately we got thirsty along the way and had to stop to replenish fluids. This is great! We’re sitting on the top deck of the bar oceanside and we’re the only ones up here! Who needs sand? We can see the water and some guy is delivering us adult beverages! Pfft…


12:59pm – Selfies!

1:33pm – Enough of the beach, let’s head back to the lake! Hahaha only Cass* and I would head to the beach and only make it to the bars!

3:15pm – It’s a party up in heeeyah! Met up with Miguel* at the lake. It’s hot and humid so we’re just chillin in the water and he’s asking about our morning/very early afternoon at the beach.

Miguel – “How was the beach?”
Me & Cass – “It was fun.” Not a lie.
Miguel – “A lotta people?”
Me & Cass – ” Soo many.”
Miguel – “You guys didn’t even make it on the actual beach did you?”
Me & Cass – “Umm we were definitely at the beach!” Again, not a lie. We could see it from the bar.


6:31pm – Holy shit, did I get in a fight and not remember? Every bone in my body hurts.

7:47pm – I’m over at my camp now just sitting around finishing my beer with my parents and uncles. Things are not looking good for me. Seriously did someone beat me with a baseball bat?

8:02pm – I’m now in the kitchen devouring food when my mom walks in asking if I want to go for an early boat ride with them. Excuse me, early? It’s 8pm mother. It’s now night time.

Mom – “Ok honey, go get some sleep. If you need us just call, we’ll be out on the boat. Get some rest, love you!”

2013-05-12 09.49.20

Am I really going to bed before 9pm while my parents head out partying? Awww shit, yes I am.

Sunday – July 7, 2013

All day –


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