4th of July Vaca – Day 3


Friday – July 5, 2013

*As always, names have been changed to protect the guilty.

9:30am – I wake up at a pretty reasonable time on Friday. Not sure why or how since I’m usually one to sleep late if I don’t have to work but I figure this gives me more time to enjoy the beautiful day outside.

I showered up and walked downstairs to get some breakfast. Mom asked if I wanted her to make me anything, I thanked her but let her know I got it covered. I’m all set Ma! Breakfast is served.

I feel great this morning. I’m very thankful I’m not as hungover as yesterday but also proud of myself for putting up quite the effort to party last night. I’m on Day 3 of partying and I don’t seem to be slowing down, I can totally handle this. Pfft the younger generation should be taking tips from me on how to party like a rockstar. As Vanilla Ice said….Anything less than the best is a felony!

11:51am – Cassidy* has arrived to the camp! It’s about 95 degrees with 100% humidity so we’ve got one option and one option only….

I’m hangin out with my BFF, staying cool in the water, getting a tan AND I got my beer!

3:22pm – Again Cassidy* and I find ourselves in the middle of the lake with my brother and some other friends.

6:10pm – We’re still on the boat, we’ve been out visiting people and floating in the lake being responsible of course. We’re on our way to the next stop….Paulie* and Layla’s* camp who are friends of my parents. We’re all friends with Paulie* and Layla’s* kids who are there with their own children as well.

Translation…..motorized kids toys! The yard was full of them and I took advantage. Disclaimer – I do not condone drinking and driving.


9:59pm – I’m now at my camp and yep, I am wasted. Damn it’s only 10pm too. I bet all the kids in their 20’s are still out partying on the water as I’m one-eyeing it to keep from seeing triple.

Now the next morning when you inevitably reflect on the previous evening, there’s always a certain point where you realize you should have gone to bed and I think that was it for me. Did I though? Hell no! Who thinks rationally after pulling an 8 hour day of drinking, not to mention the amount of overtime I put in today as well.

One more drink can’t hurt so I stumble over to the fridge and my mother proceeds to ask if I really need another. Why yes I do!


My parents just laughed at me as I sat down at the fire with them and drank another.

To Be Continued…

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