You in the Dog House?

By now many of us have heard about the fall of Aaron Hernandez, the former star tight end for the New England Patriots. Earlier this week, Hernandez was arrested at his home and charged with murder. Almost immediately following this news, he was released from the Patriots roster and what was once almost a guarantee of a long and highly successful career in the NFL turned to one of just wasted talent in the matter of days.

So why would someone with so much promise, do something so horrific? I don’t know and most of us will never know, let alone understand how he could “allegedly” take another human being’s life. To make matters worse, as the investigation continues, the troubles keep mounting for Hernandez as he was also “allegedly” involved in a drive-by shooting last July in Boston which left two people dead.

Not to undermine the severity and sadness of what has taken place for all involved but that is not the focus of this post. My focus, however, is what I found after reading the news on this and what has been revealed when the police searched his home this week.


Nice house huh? I thought so too but look a little closer. Yes, that’s a person walking towards the home and he is almost as tall as the roof of the house.

Is that guy just really tall?

No, that’s Aaron Hernandez’s DOG HOUSE. Yes, that’s a dog house and I could probably live comfortably inside that home….even with the dog. This made the news with the investigation and made me wonder about people with money and what other lavish homes could be purchased for our loyal companions.

And without further delay….here are my top 3.2_452

1. Here we have a beautiful two-story gated home complete with an upper balcony for Paris Hilton’s little pup.

hiltondoggiemansionThe “dog house” includes a living room and bedroom complete with a closet to hold all the designer clothing to dress them in. Oh did I forget to mention there’s also heat, air conditioning, designer furniture and a chrystal chandelier? This could be yours for a cool $325,000. Come on guys, your pup’s worth it right?

2. Next on the list we have a beautiful country style home with a mixture of vinyl siding and stone along with a spacious farmer’s porch made of cedar wood. The front porch provides your faithful companion with abundant sunshine while also giving them a place to cool off with an inground bone-shaped pool to jump in when the sunbathing gets to be a little too much.


3. And finally we have this adorable little townhouse in the city. This lovely two-story brick home keeps these wrinkly faced dogs safe at night. Once again, air conditioning and heat are a given in this abode. It’s a bit smaller than the others but as real estate brokers say…’s all about location, location, location. 17eff30d2f4267dad88f3258447bf16aIf you want to live in the city, you’ve got to give up your backyards and pools but remember, the nearest pet store and doggie daycare is probably less than a block away.

While I have hit on many topics during this post I’d like to end with this final thought….

I have concluded that there are many dogs out there that live better than I do. As some people say, the proof is in the pudding? Anyways, their own personal homes feature pools, balconies, and upscale furniture…which my house does not.

I gotta be doing something wrong here.

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