I got a case of the MUNCHIES.

I’m hungry! Feed me.20130607-235144.jpg

We’ve all heard this said by one of our friends at one time or another whether they’re high, drunk, starved, on a juice diet, whatever it is. We all know it. Those people just need food. I call them “those people” because of course we ourselves are never those people. Haha just kidding. When it comes to eating while drunk I’m ALWAYS one of “those people”. And nine times outta ten, my undying love for pizza is made known to all.

I try to refrain from the “drunken munchies” but about three seconds into those thoughts I’m on the phone…”Ya ya, I see you got a special for three medium pizzas. I’ll take one cheese, one pep, and one with green pepper and ham. Hmm, better throw in some cheese breadsticks too. Oh wait, you got any of those cinnastix or cinnabuns or cinnawhatever you got? I’ll take some extra icing too.” I don’t wanna have to skimp when I’m dipping those things in or worse yet having to compensate with whatever salad dressing is in my fridge circa 2012.

So when people drink sometimes they become happy, sad, tired, angry, funny, hyper, awesome, grumpy or any variation of the aforementioned. Some also grow the biggest beer muscles known to man and others have stomachs that turn into a sort of crater in the ground waiting to swallow the world whole.

So who am I? I’m the one that gets a little too excited over the prospect of food. Get me drunk, give me food and I’m a happy camper. 20130607-225414.jpgI’m not completely sure just yet, but pizza may just be my soulmate. Yes, it’s gotten that serious….

For instance, tonight I ordered a medium ham and green pepper along with a whole thing of cheese breadsticks. I ate half the pizza and all the breadsticks and have yet to go to bed, therefore the remainder of that pizza is fair game. I blame the coupon deal they were offering online.

Anyways, some ask how I can eat that much in one sitting after (or in this case during) drinking. My response?
20130607-224327.jpg I wish I could explain why I get so hungry upon consumption of alcohol or why I feel the need to eat enough to feed a family of six. However, much like my other blog posts, there are just some things that can’t be explained.

I don’t have much left to say except it’s Friday night and for my fellow nine to fivers, that means we’ve got two whole days before we have to drag our asses back to work. So join me in raising your glasses, take a drink, live it up for the weekend and I’ll leave you with one last thought…

That’s a pretty good point made.
And on that note…peace out kids.

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