Another year older…almost.

So what would normally be just another Sunday tomorrow spent hopefully waking up by noon and struggling to get ready in time for brunch for 2pm holds another meaning for me. Tomorrow happens to be my birthday. The day I was given life 32 years ago. Yes I will be 32 and still have trouble making good use of a morning on the weekend without the assistance of an alarm clock.

I’m not the typical woman in her 30’s…I’m single, no children, I enjoy the “occasional” adult beverage and love to play video games.
20130601-224033.jpgYa, I’m not a normal girl at all I’m told. I keep thinking people have a point and I need to change my ways but you know what? I’m happy and content and that’s all that matters.

Anyways, tomorrow will mark another year gone by in the blink of an eye. How the hell does that happen so quickly??? I mean in my head I’m forever 25 but damn the days just seem to fly by lately. So on the eve of my birth I sit here watching the Bruins and chugging, I mean sipping, on my wine while reminiscing on the past year. Some very fond memories were made but let’s be real, some not so fond memories as well. But hey, that’s life. Life is all about experiences, whether good, bad or just flat out WTF was going through my head?

So each year as my birthday rolls around I tell myself I’m going to make changes. It’s almost like “New Year’s” for me in which I make resolutions that I inevitably never follow through with and so by the time June is here I see it as a second opportunity to make things happen for myself. You don’t get anywhere if you don’t try right?!

In conclusion, tomorrow is Sunday and it’s my birthday. It’s time to act like the adult that I am. So what am I doing to celebrate my birth all those years ago? Again, tomorrow is Sunday. Obviously I’m going to sleep til noon and try my damnest to make it to brunch by 2pm to order my scrambled eggs, bacon, english muffin, home fries and mimosa(s) followed by more alcohol.

Listen people, Rome wasn’t build in a day. Sunday Funday should be celebrated.

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