YOLO. Say What?

I know it’s the cool thing to say lately but I gotta ask…What’s up with YOLO? Is this a new phenomenon or something? I mean if we’re really going to get technical, I’ve always been under the impression “you only live once” is something that’s been pretty consistent over time. Did something change or have I just been completely out of the loop on this one?

People use it for everything these days.

My friend texting me to hang out last Saturday:
FRIEND: Let’s go cow tipping!
ME: You’re an ass, don’t wake me up before noon.

At my parents house earlier this week:
ME: Mom, stop dancing on the roof of the car. You’re drunk.

Tuesday night:
ME: Volcano Bowls are not okay on a school night. Okay, just one more.

Wednesday morning:
ALARM CLOCK: Get yo ass up. I’m not kidding. You’ve hit snooze for the past 45 minutes.
ME: I will break you bitch.

At work this morning:
ME: Can I have a sip of your coffee? Holy shit Bailey’s is good. Let me try your OJ. Damn is that Kettle One?

So my point is, how did this come about? Did some guy just wake up last year and realize “WTF, did you know we only live once? I better get a move on with some of this stupid shit I want to do.”

We’re not cats, there’s no 9 lives here kids so live it up and enjoy life. “YOLO” is by no means a new concept but hey, it never hurts to be reminded of the important things in life.

Names have been changed to “FRIEND” to protect the guilty. Except for “MOM” and “ALARM CLOCK”, I guess I should have been more discreet with those ones.

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