My Pedicure Struggles Exposed

Ahhhhhh warm weather…that time of year we’re all wearing less and showing off everything from our tan lines to our toes which makes us want to start sprucing things up. It’s pedicure season and I enjoy getting my toes “did”, there’s just something about them feeling cute and freshly painted that makes me feel good. However I have one stipulation I always make known prior to dipping my feet in the water. Here it is.

Don’t play with my feet. I don’t like it. DON’T DO IT.

Now let me explain. I have a bit of an issue with anyone touching my feet whether it’s a boyfriend, doctor, pedicurist, the random guy on the subway, it doesn’t matter who it is, I just don’t like it. Unfortunately my feet are shy and suffer from a mild to moderate case of Social Anxiety. untitledIn addition to the “S.A.”, they are also extremely ticklish and become nervous and tense at the mere mention of them. The result is an immediate and uncomfortable sweatiness overtaking the toes and padding of my footsies.

Now I understand I have to give a bit of leeway when getting a pedicure (for obvious reasons) but I make it clear when scheduling my appointments that I want the express pedi and there is to be absolutely no massaging, rubbing and/or caressing of the feet. It’s a shame they’re so shy because I actually think I have cute feet, well minus the whole “short toe syndrome”. Let’s just say for a female on the taller side with lanky limbs, I really thought my toes would have been more proportional to my body. But I digress.

Anyways, I went for a pedicure yesterday afternoon and as I was sitting down in the comfy chair I received a work email that needed to be addressed. Now this is the time I would normally make my ridiculous foot drama known but as I was preoccupied with email I lost my train of thought and was only alerted to that fact as my feet were being aggressively manhandled by this woman. I was caught off guard and left speechless as I couldn’t come up with the words to tell her to “stop molesting my feet” in a more polite manner. It only lasted a couple of minutes but my body felt about as tense as if I were tied to a chair and forced to watch a meteor headed straight for Earth and I’m sitting front row in the path of destruction. On the bright side though, she was using lotion which shielded the fact my feet were now a hot mess which avoided any further awkwardness.

I wish I could tell you the root cause of this anxiety that plagues me but I’m afraid it’s a mystery that won’t be solved, at least anytime soon. I also wish I could tell you the point of this blog post but it seems that’ll be another question left unanswered.

Anywho, I made it through the ordeal and will be sure in the future to keep my head in the game so this doesn’t happen again. Oh and for those wondering what color I went with? OPI- Met on the Internet.

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